Excursion Continental Greece
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Excursion Continental Greece

Dates held : 30.03.2024 and 12.10.2024

Duration : 8 days / 7 overnight stays

Early registrations!

Package price: 880 BGN when booking before 29 February 2024

Regular price: 930 BGN



– 02:30 hours from Dobrich – the parking lot in front of the Dentistry

– 04:00 hours from Varna - st. "Antimus I"

– 06:30 hours from Burgas – the OMV gas station / to the Metro /


Route: Varna – Burgas – Svilengrad – Philippi – Kavala – Vergina – Edessa – Kalambaka – Meteora – Atina – Corinth – Volos – Solun – Burgas – Varna


First day: Varna – Burgas – Svilengrad – Philippi – Kavala – 620 km.

Around noon we arrive in Greece. We head to the ancient city of Philippi, founded by the inhabitants of the island of Thassos. The name of the city was given by Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, through 356 Mr. etc. Hr. We will explore the remains of the Hellenistic Roman and Byzantine eras – parts of the city walls, the ancient theater, The Roman Forum and Christian Churches. Philippi is also the first stop of the Apostle Paul, who founded here the first Christian church in all of Europe.

We are heading to the city of Kavala. Next is a walk along the narrow cobbled streets of one of the oldest cities in Europe. We will admire architecture from several centuries ago, ornately decorated houses and small family shops and cafes. Kavala is the birthplace of one of the brightest personalities in the history of the city - Muhammad Ali. We will hear the story of his love for the land where he was born and raised.

We will see / outside / the famous masterpiece of Egyptian architecture Imaret - a combination of a mosque, a Koranic school and an army building overlooking the harbor below. This historic oriental building was restored in 2004 Mr. and is one of the architectural landmarks of Kavala today .

Next is a visit to the Fortress Wall of the city, also called the "Venetian Fortress" - built by Emperor Justinian I in his attempts to protect the city from barbarian raids.

In the middle of the 16th century, the ethnic Greek Ibrahim Pasha - Grand Vizier of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, contributes to the prosperity and flourishing of Kavala, by restoring the imposing Aqueduct.

We will admire a spectacular view of the only amphitheater-built city - one of the great ports of Greece. We will see the Church of the Assumption, the house of Muhammad Ali and the monument built by the residents of Kavala out of gratitude for his deeds. We head to the new part of town. We stop for a short photo session with the famous stones, on which the Apostle Paul stood and preached Christianity, setting foot in Europe for the first time. We will see the new city hall - the building that resembles a Hungarian castle, the tobacco factories, converted into shopping centers, the port boulevard with huge palm trees, etc. We will have the opportunity to try the delicious Greek gyros, to eat fresh fish, let's drink a glass of fragrant ouzo, in the elegant coastal restaurants, to enjoy the view of this incredibly beautiful port city. Free time Accommodation. Overnight in Kavala / the surroundings of the city.

Second day: Kavala – Vergina – Edessa – Kalambaka – 460 km.

Breakfast. We are heading to Edessa, one of the most beautiful cities in northern Greece. Its name is due to its wealth of water, as the greatest glory of the city they brought the famous waterfalls. Unique in their beauty, stalactite and stalagmite caves are hidden behind 70 meter-long raging streams of foaming water. This is followed by a walking tour and a photo break around the beautiful town with the Slavic name of Voden. We are leaving for Vergina, where we will visit the tomb of one of the greatest representatives of the Macedonian dynasty – Philip of Macedon. We will explore the ruins of the ancient Macedonian palace, then we travel to the town of Kalambaka, located at the foot of Meteora. Accommodation. Overnight in Kalambaka.


Third day: Kalambaka – Meteora – Athens – 390 km.

Breakfast. Visiting Meteora - the unique place, called the eighth wonder of the world, a combination of natural beauty and centuries-old Christian traditions. It is a complex of giant rocks, which over time acquired whimsical forms and became a shelter for the monks, devoted their lives to the worship of God. An exceptional opportunity to see three of the famous rock monasteries. A short stop at the Byzantine icon and souvenir writing workshop.

We are heading to Athens. Accommodation. Overnight in Athens.

Fourth day : Athens

Breakfast. We will explore Hadrian's Arch – triumphal arch, built in 131 Mr. etc. Hr. and named after the Roman emperor Hadrian; Temple of Zeus, which surpassed the Parthenon on the Acropolis in size; The Parliament – the former palace of the first Greek king Otto; Syntagma Square; opportunity to explore the Acropolis on your own. /The entrance fee from 20-30 euro is paid extra / Free time in Athens with the possibility of visiting the new Acropolis Museum / The entrance fee from 15 euro is paid additionally/, collected all the artifacts, found on and around the hill from the Bronze Age to the Roman and Byzantine periods. Free time.

Overnight in Athens.


Fifth day: Athens

Breakfast. At will, at an additional cost of 30 euro / at a minimum 25 tourist / day trip to Nafplio – Mycenae – Corinth.

We are heading to the first capital of Greece - Nafplio, famous for its preserved monuments and beautiful old town with Venetian architecture, a marble square and narrow streets with drooping bougainvillea. Free time for sightseeing and lunch, then we head to Mycenae - the home of the Mycenaean civilization, which destroyed the Cycladic and Minoan civilizations. We will walk along the wide paved roads, which pass through the flourishing city for its time and lead to funerary complexes, large conical tombs, palace complexes and tanks of magnificent buildings. /The entrance fee from 16 euro is paid additionally/

After viewing the site, we head to Athens. On the way, we will stop for a photo break at the Corinth Canal, built between 1881 and in 1893., considered a major engineering achievement for its time.

We return to Athens. Overnight in Athens.


Sixth day: Athens - Delphi - Thermopylae - Volos - 390 km.

Breakfast. We are heading to Delphi – a leading religious center in all of Greece. We will explore the Temple of Athena, stadium, the theater and the treasury, as well as the museum, which houses extremely valuable artifacts, found in this mystical place. /the entrance fee 12 paid extra/

Short stop for a photo shoot at Thermopylae – the place, where the battle took place between the king of Persia - Xerxes I and the Greeks, led by the Spartan king Leonidas I.

Departure to the city of the Argonauts - Volos, saved the mockup of the Argo ship, with which, according to mythology, the "Golden Fleece" was carried. We will explore the central part of Volos: the church “Agios Nikolaos”, the square “Eleftherias”, coastal street.

Accommodation. Overnight in Volos.


Seventh day: Hair

Breakfast. Free day for rest.

At will:

Visit to the picturesque village of Portaria and Makrinitsa, perched neatly on the slopes of Mount Pelion – 10 euro at a minimum 20 tourist. It is not by chance that the village of Makrinitsa is called the "Balcony of Pelion", as it offers stunning views of the Pagasean Gulf, and the village of Portaria – the gate of Mount Pylio. Here you can also enjoy the incredible view of the bay, to drink a nice Greek cafe or eat local dishes from the pretty taverns. You can find homemade products – wine, olives, cute, pastry, knitted and woven products and most- various souvenirs.

Return to the hotel. Overnight in Volos.


Eighth day: Volos – Tempi – Solun – Burgas – Varna – 980 km.

Breakfast. We head to Tempe Valley, located at the foot of the mythical Olympus. Short stop to see the church of Saint Paraskeva and the springs of Aphrodite.

Around noon we arrive in town. Thessaloniki - the Greek pearl of the Aegean Sea. Panoramic tour of the coastal boulevard "Nike" with the White Tower, the monument of Alexander the Great, we will visit the church "St. Demetrius" - The Thessalonica Miracle Worker, where the tomb of the saint is located, The Rotunda and Arch of Galerius. Free time for a walk on Aristoteles Square, the promenade with cafes, shops and the colorful Thessaloniki market.

We are heading to Bulgaria. We arrive in Burgas and Varna late at night.



The package price includes:

Transport by licensed tourist bus;

7 overnight stays with breakfast in hotels 2/3* as follows: 1 in Kavala, 1 in Kalambaka, 3 in Athens, 2 in Volos

Exploring the ancient city of Philippi, Kavala, the monasteries of Meteora, Vergina and Edessa, Athens, Delphi, Hair, the valley of Tempi and Thessaloniki

Guide service along the entire route;

Medical insurance for persons up to 69 years old. / over 70. there is a surcharge /

All travel and administrative expenses.



The price does not include:

Full day excursion to Nafplio - Mycenae - Corinth - 30 euro / at a minimum 30 tourist /

Tavern visit with live music and dinner included – 40 euro

Supplement for medical insurance for people over 70 years old. – 20 leva

Entrance fees for the sites visited (OPTIONAL):

entrance fee Philippi – 6 euro adult, 3 euro for persons over 65 years

Meteora entrance fee – 3 euro

the tomb of Philip of Macedon in Vergina – 16 euro adults, students and pupils - free upon presentation of a student or pupil card / notebook, 8 euro for persons over 65 years

entrance fee for Acropolis only – 20 euro,

Acropolis entrance fee + 6 the object - 30 euro

entrance fee to the Acropolis Museum – 15 euro

entrance fee Mycenaean tombs -12 euro, for persons over 65 years - 6 euro

Delphi entrance fee – 12 euro, for persons over 65 years - 6 euro

entrance fee Rotunda – 3 euro


From 01.01.2024 Mr. a mandatory municipal tax is introduced in all hotels in Greece, which is paid personally by tourists on the spot at the hotel, and its size is determined by its category as follows:

from March to October:

– 5* wanted - 10 euro /room/ per night;

– 4* wanted - 7 euro /room/ per night;

– 3* wanted - 3 euro /room/ per night;

– 2* and 1* wanted wanted - 1,50 euro /room/ per night;


for children up to 12 incomplete years, accommodated with two adults – 100 leva


Offer valid with a minimum 30 full paying tourists.

Deadline for notification in case of insufficiently collected minimum – 7 days before the departure date.

Registration takes place with a contract for an organized trip and a deposit 30% from the package price. Surcharge – 20 days before the departure date.

Travel with an identity card or foreign passport.

There is no visa regime.

For children under 18 years, traveling with one parent or without parents, a notarized power of attorney from the other parent is required / parents (original and photocopy), as well as a copy of the birth certificate.

The tour operator reserves the right to change the order of events according to the possibility of their implementation.

Dear friends,

Based on our long experience in preparing excursion programs for Greece, we do not offer dinner included due to the menu being too uniform, which is prepared for groups. Thus, our customers have the opportunity to try more of the delicious Greek dishes - seafood, pork kebab, lamb, stuffed eggplants, zucchini, moussaka... Our tour guides could always direct tourists to where they can eat enough and at good prices!

Contact phone number: 0878 602 901 Nikolay Panayotov-Varna tourist company EOOD,
e-mail: varnatourism@abv.bg, www.varnatourismbg.com

Program Svilengrad - Philippi - Kavala - Vergina – Edessa – Kalambaka - Meteora - Athens - Delphi - Thermopylae - Volos - Tempi - Thessaloniki - Burgas - Varna
Departure dates 30.03.2024 and 12.10.2024
Duration 8 days, 7 overnight stays
Type of transport Bus

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